Update! Restrictions for plus size measurements and petite have been lifted

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What’s new?

We have now lifted petite and plus size measurements restrictions for all of our basic sewing patterns.

Are you frustrated with our restrictions on petite and plus size measurements? Do you want to experiment with drafting basic blocks that actually fit your plus size or petite clients? We’ve had hundreds of people email in with requests to lift the measurement restrictions, Well, we listened! This means no more frustrating red error messages! Or having to add unnecessary ease to get a larger bust, waist or hip measurement.

Below is an image of what you used to see! These error messages prevented you from entering accurate measurements for plus sizes and stopped you from drafting and experimenting with plus size basic blocks.

Now the profile page look something a bit like this… Note the larger measurements and the lack of error messages?


Start drafting plus size blocks

To experiment with this new update, simply login, navigate to the profile page, add your plus size measurements and draft your plus size basic sewing patterns or basic blocks! There are no limits to how large your measurements can be, so be careful not to make any mistakes!


Editing your plus size measurements after purchase

Working with plus size measurements can be a bit tricky, which is why we’ve also added a handy post-purchase block and measurement editor tool. You can now change your measurements after purchase as many times as you like. Once your happy with the changes, hit the Done button and we’ll redraft your block at no extra cost. This should help you to get that perfect plus size fit.


This new feature doesn’t just apply to new orders. You can now edit existing orders, change your measurements (using the editor) and we’ll redraft the block with the new plus size measurements. Don’t worry we won’t charge you, it’s included in the existing price.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!


  1. Anonymous

    No, I have not had time to continue investigating what the problem might be. Likely the waist.

  2. Sandy

    I love that you have lifted these restrictions – thank you!
    However, I have a block that I have generated, but had not yet been able to download. I am getting a message that it may be broken as something is outside of the expected tolerances. But I have no idea what that measurement is, to be able to adjust it. How would I find out what is preventing my block from being generated?

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Sandy. Did you resolve this issue?

      • Sandy

        No, I still see that there is a red error warning next to the profile, but when I go into the profile I dont see any indication of which measurement needs to be changed.

        • Ralph Pink

          Hi Sandy. I’ve taken a look and it seems it’s an unforeseen issue resulting from us recently removing the measurement restrictions on our profile page. Measurements that fall outside of our standard size charts don’t have predicted warning messages. This is because there are no standard measurements for the system to base them on. We are now working on a solution to this issue. Either way, the best resolution at this point is for us to manually check your block, make some adjustments and then post you our findings which will allow you to fix the block. Would you please send us a direct email with the order number of the broken block and the email address you used to set up your account?


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