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We highly recommend asking a friend to take your measurements, as this is easier and more accurate than doing it yourself. Similarly, you could ask your friend to model for you. The model should wear normal underwear, with no other items of clothing, whilst being measured. Make sure the underwear does not restrict or control the form. Underwear that is too tight around the waist, hips and back can restrict the natural form of the body and therefore give inaccurate measurements.

When measurements are taken, ensure the model is standing with their back straight in a comfortable posture. Make sure both feet are together and arms are placed at the side - symmetry of the body is key to taking good measurements.

Finally, make sure the model is not holding their breath or sucking in their stomach.

For best results, we recommend you take each measurement three times and use the average of the three values. Remember to take your time and above all relax and enjoy it.