Bikini cover-up lifestyle shoot on location in Corfu

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Although we absolutely loved the High-fashion photoshoot, we always planned to take some lifestyle images of Francesca in her bikini cover-up whilst we were away on holiday. To be fair, there isn’t much to do in Paleokastritsa apart from drink, eat and run around taking ridiculously over-filtered pictures of each other in a beautiful setting. It was just a case of where to go?

Luckily Anastasia knew the place well and had some great recommendations. She suggested La Grotta! The name speaks for itself… It’s a secluded little beach hideaway bar located just down the road in Paleokastritsa.

It features a stunning little rocky bay with jetty, turquoise water and is overlooked by a series of raised sun decks. A perfect location for our day and the shoot! We fell in love with it and it’s pretty safe to say we spent the next few days sprawled out in this little piece of heaven.

Although we just used the iPhone, I think we captured the vibe of the place, the bikini cover-ups and the sheer fun we had really well.

1. Poncho Bikini cover-up

First up we have the poncho or kimono bikini cover-up

If you’ve been following the video blog from Season 1, then you should know this piece inside and out. It’s a simple kimono-style cover-up that drapes beautifully, especially when cut from soft floaty cotton. We’ve used a black and white Japanese Ikat cotton fabric to construct the body and some black hand weaved cotton trims to complete the garment. It’s simple to make and we’ve even got a video tutorial of how to draft your own using PatternLab’s custom made to measure basic blocks. Either way, Francesca loved it and we think it looked fabulous on her!  We used the jetty at La Grotta since the scenery was to die for. 

Long coat bikini cover-up

Last but not least we have the long coat bikini cover-up

This piece is possibly our favourite out of the two, due to the fabric choice and the chunky drawstring at the waist. When the drawstring is pulled tight it gathers the coat at the back creating a bolero style upper half and a long heavy train of fabric that cascades down the back of the body. We only wish we got more images of these gorgeous pieces transitioning from beach to night. We had hoped to get some images of these pieces being worn with a slinky evening dress whilst dining out. Unfortunately, we didn’t get round to it. Hopefully, we’ll get some more images in the coming weeks at a fancy London restaurant! 

Once again, you can draft this gorgeous piece to fit your own unique measurements, using PatternLab’s made to measure custom fitting Basic blocks and our in-depth pattern making in Adobe Illustrator tutorials.   

We love the Long coat bikini cover-up but we’d love to know what you think. Feel free to write a comment using the form below.

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