S1. EP0 – Video blog teaser

Each month we’re going to collaborate with a friend, blogger or loved one to create a gorgeous custom fitting garment. They’ll brief us on what they want and we’ll design and create it using PatternLab. We’ll take you through the whole research and design process, blogging an explaining the whole journey from initial idea to finished product.

S1. EP1 – The fundamentals of fashion design – Understanding a brief

Hey guys and welcome to the first episode of our brand new video blog! In this blog, we aim to shed some light on the process of designing individual garments or collections of garments based on our client's brief. Designing to a brief is a process that features a...

S1. EP2 – Creating fashion mood boards in Adobe Illustrator

What are Mood Boards? We define mood boards as an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. They are used to convey your design idea, win pitches and get an early sign-off on your work. They are...

S1. EP3. Fashion design process using fashion templates from Pret-a-Template

In this episode, we start to sketch out a range of garment designs based on our clients brief and our mood boards. We also talk about fashion templates: Where to find them and how to use them to quickly create fashion illustrations of our garment. We then discuss how...

S1. EP4. Digital fashion illustration in Adobe Illustrator

In this episode, we demonstrate how to transform our hand-drawn fashion illustrations and sketches from S1. EP3 into gorgeous precision digital artworks or digital fashion illustrations, using Adobe Illustrator CC. It's a comprehensive tutorial that goes into a lot of...

S1. EP5. Creating source imagery for floral print design

In this episode, we show you how to create your very own source imagery or stock imagery, allowing you to design and create fashion or textile prints. We show you how to set up your workspace, what lighting to use, which camera does the job and how to get the best...

S1. EP6. Creating textile prints for fashion design

In this tutorial, we use the source imagery (lilies and palm fronds) created in the last episode, S1. EP5. to design and build a series of professional, full-repeat, digital prints in Adobe Photoshop.

S1. EP7. Creating An Initial Pattern & Toile – Indigo Robe

In this episode, we update our existing mood boards and fashion illustrations to display the textile prints that we created in the last episode. We also get Francesca's feedback on which design and print combination she prefers for her robe. We then start the pattern...

S1. EP8. The Final Toile of Francesca’s Indigo Robe

In this episode, we take one more look at Francesca's original Indigo Robe pattern and make the adjustments detailed in the fitting session from Episode 7. We shorten the sleeves, widen the cuff, create a cross-over neckline, draft a smaller chevron panel on the back...

S1. EP9. Some Exciting News – Indigo Robe Fabric & Bikini Cover-ups!

We've got some fantastic news! We've finally got the gorgeous Lily print fabric back from Fashion Formula! We sent off the print about two days ago and it's just come back, which means we can now start making Francesca's Indigo Robe. Not only that, but we've finally...

S1. EP10. Pattern Making and Constructing the Long Coat Kimono Bikini Cover-up Sewing Pattern

In this episode, we look at the next garment in our range of bikini cover-up sewing patterns. This time we focus on the Long Coat which is essentially a skinny kimono with a chevron hem, waist tie, long sleeves and made from a gorgeous Japanese Ikat cotton. To start,...

S1. EP11. Bikini cover up photoshoot on location in Corfu

In this episode, we take you behind the scenes of our Bikini cover up photoshoot on location in Corfu, Greece. Originally, we were going to create a small lifestyle photoshoot simply using the gorgeous location and an iPhone. However, we were very lucky to meet a...

Bikini cover-up lifestyle shoot on location in Corfu

Although we absolutely loved the High-fashion photoshoot, we always planned to take some lifestyle images of Francesca in her bikini cover-up whilst we were away on holiday. To be fair, there isn't much to do in Paleokastritsa apart from drink, eat and run around...

Season 1 – Francesca W

Check out Season 1 of our design blog! Each Season we collaborate with a friend, blogger or client one to create a gorgeous custom fitting garment using PatternLab’s made-to-measure basic sewing patterns. They’ll brief us on what they want and we’ll design and create it using PatternLab. We’ll take you through the whole research and design process, blogging an explaining the whole journey from initial idea to finished product.

You’ll learn about the different design stages that we go through such as, briefing a client, collating research, creating mood boards, formulating ideas, fashion design, fashion illustration, print design, print production, pattern making in Adobe Illustrator and finally garment construction. 

Updates and extras

Here you can find all of our software updates, extra content and other bits and bobs. Enjoy!

PatternLab updates

PatternLab updates

We've added some important updates to transform how you draft your basic blocks in the Lab. Check out the full list of changes below. Updates to the Lab It's been a few days since we've added updates to the Lab and thought we'd give you a bit of a run-down on what has...

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Basic skirt blocks

Basic skirt blocks

Start designing your next project with our brand-new basic skirt blocks. Customise the fit, skirt length, front and back dart positions and even add a yoke. Then choose from a range of different basic waistbands to finish the job. Start designing your next project...

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