Adding a design element to your style

Once you have created a unique style from your basic block(s), why not add a design element such as a sleeve, neckline or pocket to complete your design? To get started simply select the design element that suits your style or project, follow the tutorial and get drafting in Adobe Illustrator.

We use star ratings

Each tutorial is marked with a star rating. A tutorial with two or less stars will have a slower pace. These tutorials are designed for people who have only just started using Adobe Illustrator as a pattern making platform. A tutorial with three stars or more, will have a much faster pace and are designed for people that have a good knowledge of the tools used to pattern make in Adobe Illustrator.


Browse from our selection of neckline sewing pattern tutorials to add more design elements to your style or basic block.

Simple Neckline

Cowl Neckline

Crossover Collar Neckline


Browse from our selection of sleeve sewing pattern tutorials to add more design elements to your style or basic block.

Shirt Sleeve

Semi Fitted Sleeve

Straight Sleeve

Supporting tutorials

A list of additional tutorials that do not fit into a particular category but are important when it comes to finishing off your style or design element tutorials. 

Creating a Neckline Facing

Custom Darts

Adding seam allowance

Follow this simple and handy tutorial to learn how to add seam allowance to your finished pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

Multi-page PDF patterns

Transform your finished pattern into multi-page PDF patterns in a range of paper sizes. Then save, print, share and sell your patterns online. 

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator as a digital pattern making platform

Learn the step-by-step basics of digital pattern making in Adobe Illustrator in our short crash course. It’s your first step to producing digital sewing patterns like a pro.


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