Editing the measurements of basic blocks drafted using standard size charts

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Vladimir would like to know how to edit the measurements of basic blocks drafted using our standard size charts, post purchase. That’s a great question and something that we originally didn’t offer. However, after this question was posed, just under a month ago, we’ve managed to add this rather useful functionality. Not only that, but this feature now works for all existing basic blocks and orders that have been drafted using our standard size charts. So, thank you Vladimir for your great suggestion! Check out the video tutorial below to see exactly how you can utilise this great new functionality.


Hi PatternLab… I’ve drafted my block using a standard EU size, however, I would like to edit the standard measurements post purchase. Is it possible? I found a guide on your website but I can´t see the option edit standard measurements.

Vladimir H



Yes, you certainly can edit the measurements of a block drafted using our standard size charts.

1. Make sure that you are logged in to your account.
2. Navigate to My Library=
3. Select the order you wish to edit by clicking the EDIT PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD button. Ideally, edit a basic block drafted using our standard size charts. You can also edit the measurements of basic blocks drafted using a profile or unique set of measurements.
4. Click the EDIT MEASUREMENTS button located in the top left area of the order page.
5. Next, locate the measurement you wish to change in the list and add your new value using the input box.
6. Finally, click the DONE button at the top of the page and you’re done. PatternLab will then redraft your block, with the new measurement, ready for download. Simple!”

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