How to change the measurements on existing profile or order

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Abi wants to know how edit the measurements of an existing order or pattern. Ths is something we get asked a lot and it’s relatively simple if you know where to look. This tutorial should answer this question, but if anything is unclear then please feel free to leave us a comment.


Abi – Hi, I purchased a few ePatterns last June. Is there a way to edit them with new measurements? I did not see a way to do this on the website. Thanks!



Yes, you certainly can change the measurements of an existing ePattern or PDF order.
1. Make sure that you are logged in to your account.
2. Navigate to the My Account> My Library page. If you have a few orders the page might take a bit of time to load.
3. Find the order you wish to edit from the list of existing orders.
4. Click the “Edit, Preview, Download” button on the correct order to open the pattern draft. 
5. In the top left corner click the “Edit measurements” button.
6. A popup similar to the profile page will appear. You can now amend any of the measurements. Please note the Bust, Waist and Hip measurements can only be altered a maximum of three times.
7. Once you have corrected you measurements you can do one of three things:
– Click the “Done” button to redraft the pattern and preview your changes.
– Click the “Copy to Profile” button to save your adjustments back to the existing profile.
– Click the “Create new Profile” button to create a new profile with the adjustments, this will not affect the existing profile.
8. You can do this as many times as you wish for no extra charge. Enjoy!

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