SE 2. EP 1. Fashion Design Leggings: Image Inspiration & Initial Fashion Sketches.

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Season 2 | 4 comments

To celebrate the release of our latest made-to-measure pattern, the basic leggings block, we’ve decided to design a range of high-stretch leggings that we’ll eventually sample up and showcase with a photoshoot. Watch the video below to see the whole process and understand what ideas and concepts have inspired our designs.

 Made-to-measure leggings patterns

Create a profile, add your measurements and design your basic leggings block. We’ll then draft it for you in seconds for you to download either as a multi-page PDF or a fully-editable SVG file –  compatible in Adobe Illustrator.

Graded Leggings Block UK 4 – 24

Want a ready-to-wear set of editable leggings patterns that you can edit in Adobe Illustrator or any other SVG editing suite?  Check out our sister site DesignLab and get the entire set of standard sizes in our Pattern Pack.

Imagery & Mood Boards

To start the design process, we collate inspiring imagery found on Pinterest into a series of mood boards that refine our ideas into more cohesive themes or concepts.

For this project, we have been inspired by design details such as hidden pockets, waistbands, leg hem styles and body panelling. A strong theme for modern leggings is the use of bold dramatic prints and colours. This concept has also inspired us to come up with three separate print concepts: neo tropical (large diagram below), hyper shapes and hyper-real.

Like our mood boards? Feel free to download the original PDF files straight to your desktop. Click here.

Fashion Illustrations/ Sketches

Using these mood boards as inspiration, we then sketched around 25 legging designs, using Pret-a-Template fashion templates as a drawing template. This speeds up the process of design considerably, allowing us to focus on the design, rather than redrawing the female form over and over again. From this collection we choose 9 of our favourite designs.

What’s next: digital fashion illustration?

In the next episode, we will turn our fashion illustrations, or hand-drawn sketches, into gorgeous digital illustrations or outlines using Adobe Illustrator. We’ll also start to add colours and experiment with the three print concepts. This will bring our designs to life and give us a better understanding of what they finished samples will look like.

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