S1. EP10. Pattern Making and Constructing the Long Coat Kimono Bikini Cover-up Sewing Pattern

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In this episode, we look at the next garment in our range of bikini cover-up sewing patterns. This time we focus on the Long Coat which is essentially a skinny kimono with a chevron hem, waist tie, long sleeves and made from a gorgeous Japanese Ikat cotton.

To start, we take Francesca’s measurements, enter them into PatternLab to draft her made to measure basic sewing blocks. Once the Lab has drafted the basic blocks, we then transfer them to Adobe Illustrator and pattern cut the basic blocks into the finished kimono bikini cover-up sewing pattern. The pattern making process only takes about half an hour, since the pattern is quite simple. Once we have our finished pattern, we print it in full scale using our PDF print template. The print template separates the bikini cover-up sewing pattern up into individual A4 pages which can then be printed and stuck together to create the finished full-scale paper pattern. Once printed, we then construct the garment, hang it on a mannequin and assess the design. We don’t have much time until the holiday, so this time we go straight to finished fabric without first constructing a toile. Either way, the finished result is fantastic and a great addition to Francesca’s holiday wardrobe!

In this tutorial we do not show the pattern making process, instead we give you an overview of the finished bikini cover-up sewing pattern. If you would like to know how we drafted this pattern from Francesca’s made to measure blocks, then navigate to the bottom of this blog post. There you will find the pattern making tutorial in full. 



The Long Coat Bikini Cover-Up Sewing Pattern – Pattern Making Tutorial

Want to learn how we drafted Francesca’s made to measure Long Coat bikini cover-up sewing pattern using Adobe Illustrator? Great, watch the below tutorial to see how. We show you in detail how we transformed Francesca’s made to measure basic sewing patterns or basic blocks into this gorgeous skinny kimono style, using a few basic additional measurements and Adobe Illustrator as a pattern making platform.


Learn Digital Pattern Making in Adobe Illustrator

Love the concept of pattern making in Adobe Illustrator CC? Great, why not take a look at our courses. We show you exactly how to use the platform, the various tools you’ll need and where to find them.  It’s completely FREE so why not have go?

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