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We’ve got some really exciting news for you this week. We have just started our very own video blog! It’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.
Ok, so what is so exciting about this blog?
Well, each month we’re going to collaborate with a friend, blogger or loved one to create a gorgeous custom fitting garment. They’ll brief us on what they want and we’ll design and create it using PatternLab. We’ll take you through the whole research and design process, blogging an explaining the whole journey from initial idea to finished product. Think of it as a crash course in bespoke or couture design. There’s a lot to get through, so we’ll be releasing each step in our journey as a weekly post each and every Friday.

Week 1 

In Week 1, we’ll talk with our client, understand the brief, look at Pinterest to gather inspiration, collate imagery and create mood boards that focus on the four key concepts of fashion design: silhouette, design detail, colour theory & fabric choice This should give us a really good base of inspiration to start our design process.

Week 2

In week 2, we’ll start creating a range of designs based on our research, the clients brief and our fabric choices. I’ll show you, in detail, how we quickly build a range of designs in Adobe Illustrator, using it as a CAD or fashion illustration platform. I’ll also show you how to add colour and fabric scans to bring the designs to life!

Week 3

Next, we’ll focus on the actual pattern itself. We’ll enter our client’s unique measurements into PatternLab, auto-draft the relevant basic blocks and start pattern making our first toile from those blocks. I’ll show you, step by step, how we adapt our initial custom-fitting basic block into a pattern, using Adobe Illustrator as a pattern making platform.

Week 4

After that, we’ll fit the garment to our client and make adjustments to create the Final pattern. We’ll then construct the garment, explaining some of the more difficult construction techniques. And finally, we’ll hold a photoshoot without a client, to really bring the garment to life.
It’s going to be a bit of an undertaking considering we’re still working on our next release, but fun nonetheless. Also, if we overrun then, well, we overrun!
So join us on Friday the 8th of Feb 20, 19 to see the very first ever episode of season 1
We’ll be making two gorgeous Kimonos using just one pattern. The first in gorgeous Japanese Ikat cotton and the second in soft fluid sand washed satin. Two very different garments stemming from one pattern. The concept is to explain the difference that material choice makes
If you want to stay up to date with all future episodes, projects and new releases then please subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and spread the word.
In the meantime, have fun creating, and we’ll see you on Friday the 8th.


  1. Paula

    OMG why have I not seen this before hence being so late to the party!!!

  2. Cat

    Super exciting! – please make the designs available for purchase in the end!

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Cat. We weren’t going to mention it, but yes that’s the plan! We’ll be launching a sister site where you can buy the pattern that is created from each project and in a range of sizes!

  3. Barbara

    Im looking forward to your upcoming video blogs! It sounds exciting and inspirational.

    • Ralph Pink

      Thank you Barbara! We’re also looking forward to seeing where this extra content takes us.

  4. Samuel Eskenasy

    Hi Ralph,

    In Hebrew, there is a saying that says ” Donkey Jump ahead” so As always I’m jumping and saying. awesome Idea…
    There’s a lack of good teaching of a step by step, (I mean online, and not in a few years fashion design school) of doing a garment, not only the doing but the thought of an Idea and building the concept As you know I’m a leather apparel designer and one of your early follower, and I would like in the future to participate in your Blog with a leather piece. how to step-by-step.

    p.s the volume in the video is not strong enough.

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Samuel! Thank you for your support and making the jump 😉
      We’ll try our best to convey the whole process from start to finish. Like any new project, i’m sure it will develop over time with the input from our followers. We’d love to feature you and your work. Let’s get a few projects under our belt beforehand. Once again, we’re excited to see where this takes us!


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