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The long-anticipated PatternLab Relaunch is coming!

We are very excited to announce that we will be relaunching PatternLab with new products and updates to existing blocks. This will take effect at 6am GMT on the 8th August.  The current site will be temporarily offline at 6am GMT on the 5th August. It is very possible that this update might take longer than expected, so please keep an eye out for further notifications. Please be patient with us while we make these important changes to the site.


Will there be changes to my account?

We are implementing an update to the existing site. This means all of your existing usernames, passwords, profiles, and measurements will still be available and accessible in the new system.  Also, if you signed up for our newsletter then you will still receive email updates and offers as usual.

What happens to my existing profiles & measurements?

We’ve completely redesigned our drafting process from the ground up to produce far superior blocks! To do this, we’ve had to add some brand-new measurements and removed some existing ones. This change should only have a minor impact on your existing profiles. The new measurements we have added will show up as missing measurements or blank input fields on the profile page. These new measurements must be entered to draft our updated blocks. Any required measurements that are not entered will display an error message.

New measurements:

  • Side Neck Point to Bust Apex
  • Front Side Neck Point to Waist (replaces Shoulder to Waist)
  • Back Side Neck Point to Waist (replaces Nape to Waist)
  • Bust Span
  • Ribcage
  • Thigh
  • Height

Removed existing measurements:

  • Nape to Waist (replaced by Back Side Neck Point to Waist)
  • Shoulder to Waist (replaced by Side Neck Point to Waist)

Although your existing profiles and measurements remain mostly intact, we highly recommend watching our NEW measurement tutorial and retaking them in full! Using existing measurements might not produce accurately fitting basic blocks in the new system. We have created a new measurement tutorial featuring the updated measurements and more in-depth instructions.


New measurement tutorial

We’ve even created a polished new measurement tutorial that will help you take far more accurate measurements. Why not get one step ahead and start taking your new measurements ready for the relaunch? We have also created a new measurement sheet that will help you quickly record your measurements.


How much will the new blocks cost?

Due to the relaunch of our site, we will no longer be operating a free service. All of our existing and new basic blocks will be priced individually. The price for each individual block will be displayed in the Lab on the downloads tab once the block has been designed. We have decided upon a simple pricing system; therefore, it does not cost extra to customise your block with design elements such as dart iterations and waistbands, etc. Our prices range from £5 to £8 depending on the block draft. Once purchased you can use the My Orders page to download, edit and adjust your purchased basic block as much as you wish.

Don’t forget to check out the new site on the 8th of August and find out exactly what has changed and how it will benefit you!


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