Welcome to PatternLab’s pattern cutting courses. If you’re new to PatternLab then you might not know what we are all about? If so, then it’s probably best to take a look at our homepage. Otherwise get stuck in and choose a pattern cutting course!

0. The basics

This course is dedicated to storing all the really important need to know tutorials. It’s imperative that you have a look through and give them all your full attention. It will save you time in the long run, and now-a-days that’s always a good thing! These tutorials will help you understand the Lab, profiles page, taking your own custom measurements, using our standard size charts. Not only that but if you are downloading ePatterns and using our tutorials to customise your blocks, then this course has a batch of tutorials that will show you how to add seam allowance and print your ePatterns – very important indeed!

1. Drafting in Adobe Illustrator

In this series of tutorials I explain a bit about Adobe Illustrator, how to download/buy it and how it can be used to draft digital patterns and, essentially, follow our pattern cutting courses. It’s really important that you get to know this software platform since we use it to customise all of our ePatterns! Don’t worry, it’s a wonderfully simple platform to use and I’ll give you step by step instructions until you’re a seasoned pro!

2. Drafting Necklines

So you’ve mastered Adobe illustrator? Well, kind of… That’s ok. This series of pattern cutting courses will show you how to start drafting some really simple necklines using your custom fitting basic bodice block. Not only are we putting into practice what we have learned in the first course, but we are starting to experiment with the basics of pattern cutting. It’s a simple next step and one that is really quite fun.

3. Drafting Sleeves

Done with necklines? Ok, great. Let’s get drafting some simple sleeve blocks. To be fair these pattern cutting courses aren’t that much harder than the simple necklines. So if you want to skip necklines then you can always have a go with these. Read more to view all what sleeve blocks we have to offer. You will need to draft the Basic Set-In sleeve before tackling these tutorials.


Been here before, or looking for something specific? Here you’ll find all our pattern cutting courses in one easy-to-search place. Simply select your category and start browsing within that category. We add tutorials weekly, so there is always something new to learn.

Tutorial Tips

Use a second device or split screen to speed up your learning curve. Watch the tutorial on an iPad or connect your laptop to a second monitor. That way you can watch one device or screen and practise on the other in real time. Try it, it’s really simple to set up and will help you immeasurably. Learn how to set up a second monitor.

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