Master Flat Drawing for Fashion Design

Master flat drawing in Adobe Illustrator to create stunning fashion flats for your portfolio or gamrent.

Introducing our flat drawing Course dedicated to the art of flat drawing for fashion design! In this FREE series of lessons and video tutorials, we’ll equip you with the skills to transform your fashion design ideas into precise and professional flat drawings. Flat drawings are essential tools in the fashion design world, ensuring your garment design vision is communicated accurately from concept to creation.


The Role of Flat Drawing

Fashion design starts with an idea, but to turn that idea into a wearable reality, we need a different kind of drawing – one that’s all about lines, proportions, and exact specifications. This is where flat drawing comes in, and lesson 1 is where you begin. Fashion illustrations are great for showcasing your creativity, but when it comes to explaining the technical aspects of your designs – the measurements, stitching, and construction details – you need a different tool. Flat drawings are that tool. They bridge the gap between your creative vision and the practical realisation of your design.

In this Course

Illustrate Silhouettes & Simple Design Elements
Discover how to create proportionate model templates and breathe life into basic garment silhouettes. Learn the key tools to incorporate design details seamlessly

Ilustrate Sleeves & Complex Design Elements
Building on the basics, explore various sleeve styles and incorporate intricate design elements into your silhouettes.

Digitise Hand-Drawn Sketches
Master the art of digitising your hand-drawn sketches. Scan your illustrations, import them into Adobe Illustrator, and transform them into precise digital flat drawings. You’ll also learn how to digitise online imagery to enhance your drawings.

Create a Library of Many Design Elements
Efficiency is key. Learn how to construct your own library of universal design details like zips, pockets, and bows. Save valuable time by seamlessly integrating these elements into your flat drawings.

Add Color, Texture, Fabric & Print
In this grand finale, watch your flat drawings come to life as you infuse them with color, texture, fabric, and prints. Utilise the swatches and clipping mask tools to add those finishing touches.

Let’s Get Started!

No matter your skill level, this course will guide you through each lesson, helping you transform your ideas into beautiful fashion illustrations. Get ready for a creative journey!

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Flat Drawing Pack

100+ Editable Flat Drawings & Design Elements

If you adore our tutorial's flat drawings, download the fully-editable pack, offering over a hundred editable illustrations and templates, saving you weeks of work and letting you focus on design.


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