Master Fashion Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Create your own unique fashion templates & use them to create stunning fashion illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

Level up your portfolio! Learn how to illustrate the face, hair, make-up, body poses and combine them into beautiful fashion templates. Finally, learn how to turn your hand-drawn sketches into stunning precision fashion illustrations. All this with little or no knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or illustration.

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Comprehensive editable fashion illustration templates with faces, hairstyles, and body figures.

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30+ Fashion Illustrations Perfect for Budding Fashion Designers & Students

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Fashion Illustration Shouldn’t be Hard!

Illustration for fashion is subjective and diverse, with many different styles reflecting individual experiences and tastes. It’s also something that is considered to require skill and years of practise—not true! Recognising these challenges, we’ve crafted a fashion illustration course that transforms fashion illustration, in Adobe Illustrator, into an accessible and enjoyable journey for everyone, creating excellent results regardless of your background or skill. It’s all in the technique and a bit of tracing never hurt anyone 😉

Inside the Fashion Illustration Course

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest endeavour: a comprehensive series of video tutorials designed to demystify the art of illustration using Adobe Illustrator. In this course, we guide you through a series of simple yet powerful techniques that allow you to quickly create a range of detailed fashion templates which we will then use to create beautiful fashion illustrations.

Designed for Beginners

This course is designed for everyone, even if you’ve never drawn or used Adobe Illustrator before. In Lesson 1, we’ll start by mastering face and portrait illustration, guiding you through every step.

Lesson 1:  Master crafting intricate face illustrations, even as a beginner. Discover techniques for tracing faces from online portraits, duplicating and mirroring to enhance symmetry, and stylising with line variations, skin tones, and colour fills. No prior drawing or Illustrator skills needed.

Lesson 2: Dive into makeup illustration, add colour and style to your face illustrations and portraits. Don’t worry if you’re not a makeup expert – this tutorial will show you the ropes.

Lesson 3: Learn how to create hair styles and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll teaching you how to create unique and beautiful hairstyles that enhance your portrait illustrations. It’s a crucial step in making your fashion drawings stand out.

Lesson 4: Delve into body illustration, using online images to create versatile fashion templates. When combined with portraits, hairstyles, and makeup, these templates offer endless possibilities for your designs.

Lesson 5: Where traditional and modern illustration techniques collide. Learn how to turn face, hair, and body illustrations into fashion templates to use as templates for your hand-drawn sketches and fashion illustrations. We’ll then show you how to bring these hand-drawn designs back into Adobe Illustrator and digitise them for a stunning finish.

Lesson 6: Finally, we unlock the secrets of adding colour, texture, and prints to your digital fashion illustrations. Using Adobe Illustrator’s tools, you’ll discover how to make your designs vibrant and captivating.

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No matter your skill level, this course will guide you through each lesson, helping you transform your ideas into beautiful fashion illustrations. Start lesson 1 and get ready for a creative journey!


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