Basic skirt block

Start designing your next project with our brand-new basic skirt blocks. Customise the fit, skirt length, front and back dart positions and even add a yoke. Then choose from a range of different basic waistbands to finish the job.


Basic skirt blocks

Start designing your next project with our brand-new basic skirt blocks.


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Basic skirt blocks

Welcome to the shiny new PatternLab site! It’s a few days after the relaunch and thought we’d introduce you to to some of our new blocks. That’s right, we have launched our collection of basic skirt blocks!

We have created a comprehensive range for you to choose from, to start your next project. Why not head over to the updated Lab and start drafting.

Oh wait… Have you made a new profile and added your new measurements yet? Now we have a new system, our measurements have changed which means existing measurements might longer be reliable when it comes to drafting your new blocks. Not to worry, you can either choose a size from our standard size charts or create a new profile and add your custom measurements. We’ve also created a brand-new measurement video tutorial to help you get started, which you can find on the profile page.

What’s new?

We have produced three new basic skirt blocks, but there are more blocks to follow in the coming months. Once you have selected the type of basic skirt block you need, you can customise the fit, skirt length, front and back dart positioning, add a yoke and choose from a range of different basic waistbands. This gives you the ability to design and draft a large range of different basic skirt blocks within minutes. Not only that but we’ve also added two additional full and semi-circle skirts for you to play with.

Want to make a full-length dress? Great! You can now draft any of our basic skirt blocks to fit your bodice block, simply by ensuring your Waist Ease is the same for both. You can do this by using the custom fit feature on the Fit tab. 


Looking for an all in one dress instead? Head over to the Lab, select the basic Torso block and customise the length. You can specify a custom length of choose from one of our pre-defined lengths: Hip, Thigh, Knee or Floor length.

Visit the Lab and see what else is new?!


  1. Eugenie

    Dear Patternlab,

    You’re service is exactly what I am looking for as I am starting my fashion brand at the moment.

    I was wondering when I can expect more sleeves?


    • patternladmin

      Hi Eugenie. Thanks for your comment!
      We are currently working on redefining our tutorials and courses to make Pattern Cutting in Adobe Illustrator far simpler to understand. Not only that, but we are also developing a range of additional pattern cutting tutorials that will show you how to create custom dress styles, necklines, sleeves and much more. These tutorials are designed to work together, allowing you to pick and select the design elements (tutorials) you love and combine them to create a unique design. We are hoping to launch these new tutorials and updates at the end of the year. We will announce these changes via social media and our newsletter. In the meantime, enjoy PatternLab!

  2. Helen Brown

    This site…I cant tell you how excited I am!! I can already draft a pattern from scratch in the real world…but…this is way easier to create the basic block!! I can then just get on and play with the other details without being fed up of it before I’ve even started lol
    This is a brilliant idea!
    I saw on a different site/platform that they have a split screen with 3d animated person/garment on the left and the pattern pieces on the right screen. If they tweak seams (or anything to do with the garment) on the left screen it transfers that adjustment to the pattern pieces on the right. This is in a virtual design platform so I actually dont think you could print out those designs(?) but as soon as I had a play with your site here I just knew you guys had the capability to do this kind of thing too in the future…I have faith 🙂

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Helen! Thank you for your lovely comment. We get similar responses from other users. We are also very excited about the product and can’t wait to release more blocks. We have certainly looked into the 3D modeling concept and do have plans in the distant future but want to focus on the most important thing which is getting new blocks released. Either way, I hope you continue to enjoy our product/s.

  3. Dibs

    I just bought my skirt block and torso block and can’t wait to start playing. I like how easy the interface is. It was so easy to do everything. Now I am hoping I have not messed up my measurements.


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