1. Pattern cutting in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator as a pattern cutting platform. It’s essential, since all of our design and pattern cutting tutorials are done using this platform. It’s fairly straightforward and there are loads of benefits to going digital.

Take a look and start your course, it’s completely FREE! When you’re done, start transforming your basic blocks into hundreds of unique designs. 

Pattern cutting in Adobe Illustrator course

2. Create a style

Adapt your custom fitting basic block into a range of different styles, such as an A-line dress, a shirt or possibly a bodycon dress. Simply select the style that best suits your project, draft the necessary basic block(s) and follow the video tutorial in Adobe Illustrator.

Two-piece dress style

Skater dress style

A-line dress style

3. Add Design elements

Once you have created your style you can then add a design element. This could be a sleeve, neckline or possibly a type of pocket. It is an element that’s added to your style to complete the finished design. Simply select the design element that best suits your design or project and follow the video tutorial to start drafting.

Crossover collar design element

Shirt sleeve design element

Cowl neck design element

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