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Basic sewing patterns & slopers drafted to fit your measurements from as little as £4.99 per block.

Create a profile, add your unique measurements, draft your made-to-measure pattern in the Lab, preview it, and then pay when you’re done.

Start Drafting Basic Blocks & Slopers

Add your measurements, pick your basic block or sloper and then customise it further by changing the fit, dart placement, length, seam allowance and sleeve. Finally, download it either as a multi-page PDF, AI or SVG file. Click a product example below or visit the Lab to see our full range of blocks.

Add your measurements

Create a profile, follow our measurement video and add your personal measurements to draft basic blocks and slopers that fit your body and shape accurately.

What is PatternLab?

PatternLab is a new flat pattern-making tool, developed specifically for creating made-to-measure basic sewing patterns* for garments that fit like a glove. PatternLab dramatically speeds up the production time of your garment or collection, giving you more time to focus on what really matters, the design process!

* Basic sewing patterns can also be referred to as basic blocks, basic sewing pattern blocks, slopers or sewing blocks.

“We automatically draft basic sewing patterns in minutes, saving you hours.”

We have spent years deconstructing, studying, and experimenting with a variety of different pattern-making techniques- techniques that are either outdated or far too standardised. Our response was to create a simple, reliable process to draft basic sewing patterns that fit accurately on a range of sizes and body types. Each basic sewing pattern we create takes us years of painstaking analysis and reverse engineering until we find the method that works.

Our formulated method automatically drafts a unique basic block for each customer, based on their individual measurements. PatternLab does not transform, scale or grade from existing basic sewing patterns. Instead. we automatically draft each basic block from scratch, point-to-point and measurement by measurement, to get a unique fit each and every time. Each basic block we draft is unique to its wearer, which ensures only an absolute minimum number of fittings and adjustments is required.

What you get?

We sell our basic sewing patterns in two formats to suit the various needs of our customers. It is entirely up to you what format you purchase patterns in and how you use them.

PDF Paper patterns

For those that prefer manual or hand-drawn patterns, we provide full-scale, multi-page, PDFs in a range of common paper sizes including US Letter, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.

Editable digital ePatterns

An ePattern is a full-scale editable version of your basic sewing pattern, saved in the form of an SVG file (Scalable Vector Graphics). ePatterns give you the ability to edit or re-draw the lines of your drafted blocks. They work in conjunction with our online courses and tutorials. An ePattern can be imported or opened in a variety of different software applications that accept the SVG format such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, to name but a few.

Who is it for?

Our software is designed for both novices and professionals alike. Our customers come from a variety of disciplines and include self-taught creators, students, graduates, designers, pattern-makers, seamstresses, hobbyists and more! PatternLab customers often comment on how simple and effortless the process is and many have spent years trying to find a block that works for them or their clients. We help them save time and money, and lots of it!

Customise your Basic Sewing Patterns Further

Our step-by-step video tutorials cover everything from; the basics of digital pattern making; customising your basic sewing patterns into finished designs; and fashion design theory. Start creating your own designs & patterns, quickly and effortlessly.

Free Digital Pattern Making Course

Understand the basics with our FREE courses and tutorials that focus on the fundamental concepts of pattern making in Adobe Illustrator. Learn step by step, where to find the software, how to customise it specifically for digital pattern making, what tools you need and how to use them. Begin adapting your basic sewing patterns into hundreds of different designs that are easy to store, share and edit. 

“This is an incredible resource and so brilliantly done. I’ve been watching them for a while and they’re so helpful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 – Nicole P – Instagram Comment

FREE Fashion Illustration Course

Learn Digital Fashion Illustration in Adobe Illustrator with our FREE fashion illustration tutorials. We show you how to create fashion model templates from scratch and then clothe them with your own designs. You don’t need any experience in either Adobe Illustrator or free-hand drawing. We teach you step-by-step, starting with the absolute basics, explaining each tool in detail. It’s a 7-part course that will help you create professional digital fashion illustrations in no time!

“As a total beginner I can say that this course is the best to learn Illustrator, great tutorials with very clear explanations!” – kraphite – Instagram Comment

FREE Technical Drawing Course

Technical drawings for fashion (often referred to as specification drawing, spec drawing or flats) are an essential part of the fashion design process, especially if you are planning on transforming your fashion designs or fashion illustrations into finished graded patterns or initial samples…

“Those tutorials are gold thank you ever soo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️Azzedine – YouTube Comment

Help and Support

Get the answers to your most important questions with Customer Question Time. View existing questions or ask us your own. we’re here to help and so too is our community.

Understand your blocks

New to taking measurements and drafting patterns? Great, we’ve got a whole bunch of handy guides and tips that will help you get the very best results when drafting your basic blocks.

About Us

PatternLab is the brainchild of Ralph and Mike who met back in 2014 over a shared idea. Despite living on opposite sides of the planet, Ralph in London and Mike in rural Australia…


Designer brand –

Thank you PatternLab, you we’re a great help when it came to building our basic blocks for the collection. Good luck!

Vendula Kalinova

Fashion Designer –

Just a fantastic service! Self-explanatory to use and just speeds things up. Mostly their customer service is simply outstanding! Could not recommend more.

Deccy Cherry

Sewist & Creative – Instagram

Just found this website. It is amazing for all those who are either beginners or advanced in sewing This site will save you such a huge amount of time…


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