Draft custom-fitting basic sewing blocks & slopers at the touch of a button

Customise your basic blocks into hundreds of designs
with our pattern making courses.

Automatically draft custom fitting basic sewing blocks & slopers at the touch of a button


What is PatternLab?

Do you find it hard to find clothes or sewing patterns that fit? Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes or start your own fashion label, but don’t have any experience in design or pattern cutting? Or perhaps you’re a fashion student or seasoned professional that wants to speed up their design process?

blue text tick  No prior knowledge of pattern cutting or blocks drafting required. Design it & we’ll do the hard work!

blue text tick Detailed step-by-step measurement tutorials to help you take accurate measurements first-time.

blue text tick Add your measurements to a profile and draft custom-fitting basic blocks that accurately fit within minutes, not days.

blue text tick Store hundreds of profiles, measurement sets & basic blocks in your own private personal library.

blue text tick  Build your blocks step-by-step, add design elements & watch your blocks take shape in instantly in real-time.

blue text tick  Learn important pattern cutting tips and tricks as you draft with our handy read more… drop downs.

blue text tick  Purchase your blocks as a multipage PDF or ePattern & learn how to change them into finished sewing patterns with our FREE courses & tutorials.

 blue text tick  Make endless adjustments to your measurements before and after purchase, using the powerful preview tool.

 blue text tick  Understand the drafting process fully using our troubleshooting guides. It’s an amazing resource in itself.

blue text tick Sew, sell, share, mass production – it makes no difference, all garments produced from PatternLab patterns are royalty free.


Understanding your blocks

New to taking measurements and drafting patterns? Great, we’ve got a whole bunch of handy guides and tips that will help you get the very best results when drafting your basic blocks. It’s a great insight into the Lab and how we draft our patterns.  

Help us be better!

Answer 10 simple questions and help us to improve the Lab. It only takes 5 minutes and gives us the chance to get to know you and what you love!

What people are saying

All sorts of people are using PatternLab to create custom fitting basic blocks for themselves and their clients. Don’t just take it from us, here are some testimonials from people who love our work.

Lisa Angwyn

Fashion Designer – UN-NYE.com

Thank you PatternLab, you we’re a great help when it came to building our basic blocks for the collection. Good luck!

Vendula Kalinova

Fashion Designer – www.kalinova.design

Just a fantastic service! Self-explanatory to use and just speeds things up. Mostly their customer service is simply outstanding! Could not recommend more.

Deccy Cherry

Sewist & Creative – Instagram

Just found this website. It is amazing for all those who are either beginners or advanced in sewing This site will save you such a huge amount of time…

What are you waiting for?
Start designing and drafting your own clothes today.

What have you missed?

Visit the blog and find out what’s new in the lab this week. Discover new products, updates, tutorials and more. It’s your one stop shop for everything PatternLab.

PatternLab updates

We've added some important updates to transform how you draft your basic blocks in the Lab. Check out the full list of changes below. Updates to the Lab It's been a few days since we've added updates to the Lab and thought we'd give you a bit of a run-down on what has...

Basic skirt blocks

Start designing your next project with our brand-new basic skirt blocks. Customise the fit, skirt length, front and back dart positions and even add a yoke. Then choose from a range of different basic waistbands to finish the job. Start designing your next project...

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