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What is PatternLab?

Do you find it hard to find clothes or sewing patterns that fit? Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes or start your own fashion label, but don’t have any experience in design or pattern cutting? Or perhaps you’re a fashion student or seasoned professional that wants to speed up their design process? …Well, PatternLab is here to help.

PatternLab is a clever tool designed and developed by software engineers and pattern cutters. It allows people with no prior experience in pattern cutting, the ability to design, customise and draft their own unique patterns, that not only actually fit, but are produced in minutes rather than hours.

Why choose PatternLab?

blue text tick  All patterns and tutorials are completely FREE but for a limited time only!

blue text tick  Automatically draft your blocks and learn pattern cutting for FREE!

blue text tick  Sew, sell, share, mass production – it makes no difference, all patterns are royalty free.

blue text tick  Create profiles and safely store hundreds of customer’s measurements in your own personal online library.

blue text tick  Step by step video tutorials to help you master the Lab, including tips and tricks to help you take accurate measurements.

blue text tick  We don’t alter existing blocks, we build them for you from scratch based on the measurements you give us.

blue text tick  Modify and customise design elements of your patterns in real-time with the pattern preview.

blue text tick  Download your pattern either as a multi page pattern PDF in a variety of different paper formats: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0.

blue text tick  Download as an ePattern and learn pattern cutting techniques with our online video tutorials.

So what are you waiting for?
It’s simple…  Get drafting now and start making your own accurately fitting clothes.

Our story

PatternLab is the brainchild of Ralph Pink and Mike Cassells who met back in 2014 over a shared idea. Despite living on opposite sides of the planet, Ralph in London and Mike in rural Australia, together over a number of years, and in their spare time, have built PatternLab from the ground up, developing it into a highly complex and versatile software system, making PatternLab a true testament to the power of collaboration over the internet.

“Back in 2014, I created a small excel document that allowed people to draft their own basic blocks through step by step point to point measurements. It was hosted on Ralphpink.com and came with a number of basic video tutorials – It was very successful to say the least. It is then that Mike, who had just retired from the world of software development, found the measurement generator and contact me proposing we automate it. I was blown away, I had been looking for someone with not only the right skills but the drive and ambition to undertake the project for some time, but with no luck due to the size of the project. You could say it was fate – We started work the very next day and ever since it has been a voyage of discovery, which is why we are so proud to finally release the PatternLab.”

This is only the beginning.  We have spent months developing other products other than the basic bodice and torso, which we intend to release over the coming months. Each block will have it’s own dedicated tutorials and courses that will give everyone, no matter where they are in the world, the ability to design, draft and customise their own clothes. Ever wanted to be a designer or create your own collections, now you can with PatternLab.

Ralph Pink profileRalph Pink

Ralph Pink is a Fashion designer and pattern cutter from London.  He has over 10 years experience working in the fashion industry. He has designed and cut couture collections for London Fashion week, set up his own sewing pattern line and was a prolific blogger. In 2008 – 2012 Ralph set up Ralphpink.com a free online resource, hosting a variety of video tutorials in design, digital pattern cutting, print, fashion illustration, CAD, corset construction techniques and much more. To this day the site remains a free online resource for young designers and enthusiasts worldwide.

“From all my experiences in the fashion industry I have loved creating the tutorials and sharing what I have learned the most. It’s a wonderful thing to read comments from people from all round the world, who have enjoyed my work and personally benefited from it. I hope PatternLab is just as successful and we help people achieve their ambitions”

Mike Cassells profileMike Cassells

Mike is an Australian software engineer with 25 years experience in industries as diverse as horse race betting, international investment banking, public service, and now fashion.  Mike discovered an interest in sewing when helping out creating decor for a local dance party.  He lives with his partner in Lismore, New South Wales.

“Special thanks go out to my my teachers in school and university.  Who would have thought all that algebra, calculus and geometry would be so useful one day? “