Drafting an Asymetric Leotard pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Drafting an Asymetric Leotard pattern in Adobe Illustrator

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Drafting an Asymmetric Basic Leotard Block Pattern – Pattern Making Tutorial

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to transform a basic Leotard block by adding an asymmetric, single-arm neckline and chevron paneling. It’s a pretty simple tutorial but is super powerful. We use a whole range of tools and pattern-making techniques that really help when adapting basic blocks in Adobe Illustrator. It’s all about cutting the block up into panels that can either be removed or used for different fabric types and colours.

You’ll need a Top hip basic leotard pattern pack UK4 – 22, from the DesignLab.London website, to follow this tutorial. There’s a link to this pattern further down the page. Be aware, that the top hip leotard block is ONE of FIVE leg hole styles to choose from so possibly you’d prefer to download a different style? Take a look and find the right style/ pack for you and your project. This tutorial works for all five leg hole styles.

Download the Basic Leotard Block to Follow Along

You will need a Top hip basic leotard block to follow this tutorial and draft this asymmetric leotard sewing pattern. We also have other basic leotard blocks to choose from so take a look below to see your options. All basic block packs, come in UK4 – 22 sizes, and contain both fully-editable basic swimwear blocks (Ai/ Svg) and multi-page PDF patterns (US-letter, A4, A0)

basic leotard block digital pattern making tutorial patternlab.london

Top Hip Basic Leotard Pattern Pack (UK4 – 22)

Purchase and download the Top hip basic leotard block pattern pack from our sister site DesignLab.london. The pack contains Ai, SVG and PDF patterns in Sizes UK4 -24.

basi cleotard block digital pattern making tutorial patternlab.london

More Leotard Pattern Packs

View the full range of our basic leotard pattern packs UK4 – 22 on our sister site DesignLab.London. 

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