Drafting the basic straight sleeve block

In this tutorial, I show you how to draft the basic straight sleeve block using the Basic set in sleeve ePattern. The basic straight sleeve block is a very simple pattern and is used to add very slight shaping to the sleeve, to create a more contoured fit. You can use this tutorial to add more contouring to your sleeve, by reducing the circumference of the elbow and cuff. You can also create a 3/4 length sleeve and short sleeve, by cutting the pattern along the “Short sleeve” or “3/4 length sleeve” guidelines.

Tutorial features:

  • Reducing the elbow circumference by 1cm or more depending on your preference.
  • Curving the underarm line to create a cleaner smoother seam.
  • Adding “Short sleeve” and “three quarter sleeve” guidelines to the block.
  • Reshaping the cuff to create a smooth line over the wrist.

What next?

Download the multi-page PDF templates. If you are not sure what these templates are, then please use the above tutorial link.


  1. Smile

    Thank you all for your amazing work. I hope that your website won’t be very expensive after the limited free time is over.

    • patternladmin

      Hi Smilptiss, Thanks for your comment…
      You’re very welcome! I’m so happy you love the product and glad it can be of some use to you and your projects.
      Don’t worry, we firmly believe in providing a useful tool that is affordable. It is the main reason why we started this company in the first place. That being said, we want to grow as a company and produce yet more products for our customers, but we need to generate funds in order to do this. It’s finding the right balance that makes the difference.


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