Drafting the semi-fitted sleeve

Learn how to draft the semi-fitted sleeve block using the Basic set in sleeve ePattern. The semi-fitted sleeve block is a very simple pattern and is used to create a far more fitted sleeve. The cuff is reduced by 10cm in total and a dart is opened up on the back of sleeve at the elbow to create a slight bend in the lower arm, to better suits the natural bend of the arm. We also dramatically reshape the curve of the cuff so it creates a smooth line over the wrist.

Tutorial features

  • Reduce the cuff circumference by 10cm.
  • Re-draw the underarm seam to create a smooth curve.
  • Re-draw the cuff to add shaping to the wrist or cuff so it sits better on the wrist.
  • Create a panel from the lower cuff and rotate it in by 4cm to reduce the wrist circumference even further. This opens up a dart at the elbow to create more shaping to the sleeve, which better fits the shape of the arm.
  • Redraw the cuff curvature once again after rotating the left cuff panel and opening the elbow dart.

What next?

Download the multi-page PDF templates. If you are not sure what these templates are, then please use the above tutorial link.


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