Resizing Digital Fashion Prints Using Full-Scale Digital Sewing Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to preview, scale and engineer digital prints, using Adobe illustrator, to work with full-scale digital sewing patterns. We also talk about Digital fabric printing and its benefits specifically in relation to this subject.

Part one of the tutorial shows you how to import a repeat fashion print, into Adobe illustrator and combine it with a full-scale digital sewing pattern. We then demonstrate how to increase or decrease the print to find the preferred scale for the pattern. This ultimately gives us a better understanding of how the finished garment will look. Once we have the correct print size, we then resize the original print artwork to match and save it, ready to send to a digital print company.

Part two of the tutorial is slightly more complicated to explain but talks about placement or engineered prints and how they apply to the concept of digital printing.

You’ll need a the FREE digital sewing pattern and FREE full-repeat print to follow this tutorial. Check below the video to get your downloads. Enjoy! 

resizing digital fashion prints -

50% Stretch Dress Pattern Pack

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Adding seam allowance

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  1. Linda Barnes

    Can you do a video of how to get the measurements of a paper sewing or store brought pattern. Like where would you customise bust and hip and length measure to fit you body measurement. eg my pattern says Bust measure is 110-114 but my measurement is Bust
    bust circumference 130cm
    upper bust circumference 127cm
    under bust circumference 127.5cm
    chest width 128cm
    so how do I transfer these measuements to my digital scanned copy of pattern.
    I think because I am a beginner sewer and use the instruction sheet on how to sew the pieces I need store purchase paper pattern to be altered to fit me. I would buy the basic blocks but I am struggling with the fact they are not Pants and tops more causal sport look.

  2. Asma

    Hi , can you make me basic patterns
    With my name on, in order to re-sale them?
    If yes, how much is the cost.

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Asma, Unfortunately, we do not allow any resale of our patterns. That would be a conflict of our terms and conditions.


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