Learn how to print an ePattern as a Multipage PDF

So you’ve drafted a basic block using PatternLab, downloaded it as an ePattern, added a selection of different design elements using some of our great tutorials and you’re now ready to start making a mock-up in a material. Great! But how do you get your pattern from your computer on to physical paper? This tutorial shows you how to print an ePattern off as a multipage PDF. I also show you how to download PatternLab’s Print templates, select from either US letter, A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 (depending on your printer capability) and paste your ePattern onto the print template. You can then save it as a Multipage PDF to sell online, share with friends, send to colleagues or print from your home printer. It’s that simple!

Tutorial Overview

  • Download and open PatternLab’s Print templates.
  • Select the right template for your printer.
  • Open the print template within Adobe Illustrator.
  • Copy and paste your customised ePattern into the print template.
  • Save your custom ePattern as a multipage PDF to either print at home or share with friends and colleagues.


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