3. Measuring your basic block and marking points in Adobe Illustrator

Like manual paper pattern making, the ruler is possibly the most important tool in your arsenal. Having the ability to measure straight and curved lines, and marking points on those lines is a fundamental part of pattern cutting. It’s the same for digital pattern making, although the tools we use are slightly different.  In this tutorial, we show you which tools we use to do this and how to use them effectively.




Tutorial Overview

1. Selecting, copying and moving a point.

2. Dragging and placing a point on the shoulder tip.

3. Moving a point a set distance using the Move Dialogue box and exploring negative and positive measurements on the X and Y axis

4. Measuring the distance between two points using the Line tool and Document Info tool. 

5. Rotating a point-to-point measurement to line up with the front shoulder seam.

6. Copy and pasting a point-to-point measurement from the front shoulder seam to the back shoulder seam.

7. Adjusting the location of your points using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

8. The correct way to remove a point. 

8. Finding the length of a curved line by isolating it using the Scissor tool and Document Info tool.

9. Marking a point a set distance along a curved line using the Scissor tool and Document Info tool.



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