Adobe Illustrator screen showing a digital pattern making tutorial for adding a waistband and pockets to trousers.

How to Add a Custom Waistband and Front Pockets to a Trouser Basic Block

Pattern Making in Adobe Illustrator 

Welcome to our trouser pattern making project! This guide is designed to be a straightforward, hands-on tutorial to enrich your pattern-making skills. By following our easy-to-understand instructions, you will learn how to incorporate a tailored waistband and stylish front pockets into your trouser basic block using Adobe Illustrator.

Getting Started: Firstly, we’ll tackle how to draft an external waistband, enhancing the fit and look of your trousers. We’ll then move on to crafting custom front pockets, adding both functionality and flair to your design.

Technique Mastery: As we dive into the project, you’ll pick up invaluable pattern-making techniques. Our tutorial will guide you through the processes of rotating and closing darts, creating the perfect fit for your waistband. You’ll also learn to slash and separate the top edge of your trouser basic block, setting the stage for your custom waistband creation.

Detailed Pocket Design: Next, we’ll get creative with the pocket bag, opening, and facing, ensuring your pockets are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Once we’ve drawn the pocket lines, we’ll transform them into separate pocket panel pieces, ready to be integrated into your trouser design.

Expanding Your Skills: This project moves at a brisk pace to keep the learning process engaging. If you’re new to Adobe Illustrator or digital pattern making, consider exploring our FREE digital pattern making course before diving in. It covers all the foundational skills and tools you’ll need to succeed in this project.

New to pattern making in Adobe Illustrator? Learn the fundamental pattern making techniques with our comprehensive online course. Read more…

Essentials for Following Along

Before we dive in, you’ll need a trouser basic block to keep up with this pattern-making project. We offer two types of trouser basic blocks for your selection. Standardised basic blocks are ready for immediate use, allowing you to start drafting right away, though they might not match your measurements perfectly. On the other hand, a bespoke basic block, tailored to your specific measurements, offers a precise fit but requires time to create, as we’ll need 28 of your body measurements. Choose the one that best suits your needs!

Trouser basic block. What is a basic block, dress basic block, torso basic block, skirt basic block, trouser basic block. Basic blocks for pattern making.lock, dress basic block, torso basic block, skirt basic block, trouser basic block.

Standardized Basic Block

Start pattern making immediately

Visit our partner site, DesignLab.London, for a variety of trouser basic blocks available in multiple sizes. These serve as an ideal starting point or base pattern for your pattern-making project. Explore the collection, select your preferred style and size, and download it to proceed with your project.

Bespoke Trouser basic block. What is a basic block, dress basic block, torso basic block, skirt basic block, trouser basic block. Basic blocks for pattern making.lock, dress basic block, torso basic block, skirt basic block, trouser basic block.

Bespoke Basic Blocks

Craft a personalised basic block designed for your unique measurements

Looking for a tailor-made trouser basic block for this project? You’re in the right place. Construct your personalised basic block in the Lab by providing your measurements. Simply create a profile, input your measurements, and utilise this profile to design a range of basic block styles. You’ll need the torso basic block for this project.

What’s Next?

You’re not done there though! If you want to share it online or print it off at home, you’ll need to add seam allowance and transform it into a PDF sewing pattern. Check out the projects below to find out how.

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Computer screen with a digital pattern making program, Adobe Illustrator open, showing a dress basic block pattern, on a desk with modern design tools.

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Transform Basic Blocks into Precision Finished Patterns

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