5. How to group patterns and use different selection tools

In Adobe Illustrator, your block is comprised of many different lines, segments, points, and elements. The only thing keeping them together is grouping. All of our ePatterns come pre-grouped which makes things easier when importing them into Adobe Illustrator. However, what happens when you start adding new elements and removing old ones? These groups need to be maintained otherwise your block will fall apart when it is moved around the page. In this tutorial, we explain how grouping works and various ways of grouping and ungrouping elements, allowing you to safely carry on pattern cutting. We also explain how the Big and Small selection tools function, when to use them and how they affect grouped and non-grouped objects.




Tutorial Overview

1. Using the Small Selection tool to select anchor points and lines within a grouped object.

2. Using the Big Selection tool to select and move grouped and ungrouped objects.

3. Bonus – How to queue up selections using the Shift key on your keyboard.

4. How to group and ungroup elements of your block in a variety of different ways.

5. How nested groups work.

6. The importance of using groups to ensure your blocks don’t come apart.

7. How to increase and decrease the size of your block or grouped elements and why it is not a valid form of grading.

8. Rotating your pattern or grouped elements with the Free Transform tool. 



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