7. Adding a custom seam allowance to your finished pattern

You’ve cut it, slashed it, designed a new neckline, rotated your darts and added all kinds of new design details. So what’s next? Adding seam allowance! This is usually a long, time-consuming process which takes some careful attention with a Pattern Master tool, especially when you’ve got lots of curves and panels. It’s a process that I personally used to dread. Well, not anymore!

We’ve created a very handy tool into the Cutting Table that does all the heavy lifting. Simply select your pattern pieces, pick from our range of pre-defined seam allowances and apply it to your block. We’ve even created a tutorial that shows you how to build your very own custom seam allowance that you can save to the Cutting Table and use on all your future blocks.


Tutorial Overview

1. Selecting the panels or blocks you would like to add seam allowance to.

2. Using  the brushes tool to apply preferred seam allowance to your selected blocks or panels.

3. Using the Expand tool to access the inside and outside seam allowance lines.

4. Removing the inside line.

5. Editing and refining the outside seam allowance line to finish the block and remove archiving.

6. An overview of centre front and back fold lines.

7. Creating your own custom seam allowance and adding it to the Cutting table for future use. 




To follow this tutorial you will need the following downloads.


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