cup sleeve pattern making tutorial

Cup Sleeve Pattern Making Tutorial

In this free pattern making tutorial we demonstrate how to draft Tanja’s (Ayuk 2020) cup sleeve which has been designed for our made-to-measure stretch dress. It’s a fab tutorial that features a whole range of pattern making techniques in Adobe Illustrator.  This is part two of our stretch dress tutorial designed by Tanja. Click here to view part one. We adore the volume added to the sleeve head and the fun pleat that adds some much needed kick to the sleeve body.

If you want to find out more about Tanja from Ayuk 2020, check out her PatternLab profile or see the manual version of the tutorial on her YouTube.

This is a pretty straight forward tutorial but people inexperienced in Adobe Illustrator might find it quite tricky. Either way, it’s a great tutorial/ pattern that touches on a large array of tools in Adobe Illustrator. 

You’ll need a digital basic torso block with waist shaping and sleeve to follow this tutorial. Check below the video to see your download options. Enjoy! 

Download the Basic Torso Block to Follow Along

You will need a stretch dress basic block to draft this basic sleeve style. We have two options for you to choose from:

square neck stretch dress pattern making tutorial patternlab

Made-to-Measure Stretch Dress Block

Draft a basic Torso block to fit your unique measurements. Create a profile, add your measurements, design your block, then download it as an SVG ePattern (sleeve included).

square neck stretch dress pattern making tutorial patternlab

Graded Stretch Dress Block Pattern Pack

Purchase and download the basic Stretch Dress block pattern pack from our sister site The pack contains Ai, SVG and PDF patterns in Sizes UK4 -24 (sleeve included).

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator as a digital pattern making platform

Learn the step-by-step basics of digital pattern making in Adobe Illustrator in our short crash course. It’s your first step to producing digital sewing patterns like a pro.

Adding seam allowance

Follow this simple and handy tutorial to learn how to add seam allowance to your finished pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

Multi-page PDF patterns

Transform your finished pattern into multi-page PDF patterns in a range of paper sizes. Then save, print, share and sell your patterns online. 


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    Quiero hacer el curso de patronaje

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    Looks great


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