How to Draft a Simple Wrap Dress in Adobe Illustrator

Pattern Making in Adobe Illustrator

Want to know how to transform a torso basic block into stylish wrap dress using Adobe Illustrator? This guide is designed to simplify the process, making it accessible even for those new to pattern making. Our aim is to help you transform a dress basic block into an elegant wrap dress, featuring a deep v-neckline, flattering waist pleats, and a chic tie.

The process begins with dissecting the torso block into two sections: the bodice and the skirt. We’ll show you how to eliminate the shoulder dart on the bodice to enhance the fit, and how to extend the centre front, forming the characteristic wrap of the dress. Redrawing the neckline to achieve the iconic plunging v-neck and crafting the waist tie come next.

Moving to the skirt, we’ll instruct you on how to lengthen the design, incorporate an A-line flare, and elegantly curve the hem for that perfect drape. The culmination of this pattern making project is uniting the bodice and skirt, outlining the facings, marking notches, and adding seam allowances for a professional finish.

Our tutorial includes a concise segment on adding dart seam allowances, enriching your pattern making skills. Though the tutorial is just over an hour, it’s densely packed with invaluable techniques and insights into the use of Adobe Illustrator for pattern making.

New to pattern making in Adobe Illustrator? Learn the fundamental pattern making techniques with our comprehensive online course. Read more…

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What You’ll Need to Follow Along

Before we start, you’ll need to download a torso basic block to follow along with this tutorial. Check out our sister website DesignLab.London. We stock a selection of torso basic blocks in a range of sizes, that will act as a perfect foundation or base pattern for this Wrap dress pattern making project. Browse the collection, pick your style, size, and then download it to follow along.

What’s Next?

You’re not done there though! If you want to share it online or print it off at home, you’ll need to add seam allowance and transform it into a PDF sewing pattern. Check out the projects below to find out how.

Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator showing the 'Offset Path' function being used to add seam allowance to a basic block of a halter-neck swimsuit pattern.

Learn How to Add Seam Allowance to Your Patterns

Learn how to add seam allowance, to your basic blocks and finished patterns, in Adobe Illustrator, using our simple pattern making tutorial.

Computer screen with a digital pattern making program, Adobe Illustrator open, showing a dress basic block pattern, on a desk with modern design tools.

Master Pattern Making Techniques in Adobe Illustrator

Transform Basic Blocks into Precision Finished Patterns

Learn the fundamental techiques of pattern making with our Free comprehensive pattern making in Adobe Illustrator course

Screenshot of a dress basic block layout in Adobe Illustrator, showcasing the process to create PDF sewing patterns.

Learn How to Create PDF Sewing Patterns

Transform your finished patterns into multi-page PDF sewing patterns in a range of paper sizes. Then save, print from home, or share and sell your PDF sewing patterns online.


  1. feven

    my name is feven am from ethiopia i went to learn pattern i tri a lot of websit be did’t work so i went to tri. and i like this it free

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Feven. I’m glad you like the site and the free tutorials. Good luck with your journey into digital pattern making and Adobe Illustrator!
      All the best…

  2. Winnie Bolima

    How can I learned from this app?

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Winnie.

      This is not an App. PatternLab is an online pattern making tool. It allows you to draft made-to-measure basic blocks or slopers to fit your actual body measurements. We also offer FREE digital pattern making tutorials in Adobe Illustrator that allow you to transform your basic block into hundreds of different styles or designs. This is one of those tutorials.

      If you would like to find out more about PatternLab, check out the homepage and scroll down to the “What is PatternLab” section:

      If you would like to know more about our FREE digital pattern making tutorials use this link:

      I hope this helps explain. Stay safe!

  3. Edita Kricenaite

    Really good lesson. Thank you very much!

  4. Elizabeth

    Thank you, this is great lessons, a nice way of learning new ways and skills, of making patterns.

    • Ralph Pink

      Hi Elizabeth,

      You’re very welcome. Enjoy your journey and good luck!


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