A-Line Dress Pattern Making Tutorial

The A-line dress style is a wonderfully simple pattern that takes little time and effort to create. The A-line dress style is a perfect beginners block and a great foundation piece that can be transformed into a range of different designs by adding a variety of necklines and sleeves. Add a long lantern sleeve and Peter Pan collar to create a more 70’s look. Or add a minimalistic neckline with no sleeves to create a more modern contemporary look. This style works wonders with larger size ranges as it flares out over the waist and hips.

A-line Style tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how to draft an A-line dress sewing pattern from a basic torso block, using Adobe Illustrator as a digital pattern making platform. You can also adapt your paper patterns manually by using the same techniques, as the process is very similar.

Basic Block/ Sloper Elements

You will need a basic torso block that has a “Straight” front dart to follow this tutorial.

To save time, click the button below. We’ll create a basic block (in the Lab) that already has this dart preselected for you. All you’ll need to do is select a profile or one of our standard sizes. Don’t forget to purchase your block as an ePattern and not a PDF! PDF patterns can’t be edited, they can only be printed on paper. ePatterns ar fully editable digital basic blocks. 


Draft or Download a Digital Basic Block

Follow along with our tutorials and learn digital pattern making in Adobe Illustrator CC. Purchase and download one of our editable digital basic blocks. We have a few options for you to choose from...

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator as a digital pattern making platform

Learn the step-by-step basics of digital pattern making in Adobe Illustrator in our short crash course. It’s your first step to producing digital sewing patterns like a pro.

Adding seam allowance

Follow this simple and handy tutorial to learn how to add seam allowance to your finished pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

Multi-page PDF patterns

Transform your finished pattern into multi-page PDF patterns in a range of paper sizes. Then save, print, share and sell your patterns online. 


  1. paula Martin

    very confusing and very fast instructions, difficult for beginners to keep up!

  2. Sara

    Wonderful tutorial, thank you. Why aren’t the dart guides removed from the final artwork? The calico dress doesn’t look like it has darts. Thanks!

  3. Jungyoon Leah Kim

    thank you this is great!!!! im hoping to modify this dress , to make it into a fashionable uniform for our acupuncture office!!!


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