Learn how to draft a custom neckline facing

Creating a custom neckline is great, but how do we get rid of the raw edges around the neck and armhole, once we’ve made the garment? It’s simple, we add a neckline facing to the inside of our garment. Neckline facings are usually cut from the same fabric as the rest of the garment. The neckline facing pattern is created by tracing parts of the existing basic block to create a brand new set of pattern pieces that match the existing block. Check out the tutorial and learn how to create a neckline facing for your basic block’s custom neckline.

Tutorial features:

  • Copy and paste the custom neckline blocks (front & back) that we drafted in tutorial 1A.
  • Trace the custom front and back neckline blocks to create a new set of facing blocks.
  • Draw a custom bottom edge to both front and back facing blocks.
  • Make sure the front and back facing blocks match at the side seam.
  • Remove the lower part of the facing blocks.
  • Add notches so the patterns match when sewing.
  • Rename the new facing blocks and add a grain line.

What next?

Download the multi-page PDF templates. If you are not sure what these templates are, then please use the above tutorial link.


  1. Anum Naveed

    love it

  2. Pippa

    Hi, will you be posting a video to show how to draft the facings? The one posted, which is excellent just shows how to alter the neckline.

    And thank you very much for your generosity in sharing all this.

    • Ralph Pink

      HI Pippa,
      I believe you’re the first person to comment on our entire site… So thank you for commenting!
      Also, thank you for mentioning the clear error with video. It seems I must have mixed up the feed somewhere. Luckily it’s now been fixed.

      Thanks again


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