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I Can't Thank You Enough!

I have gone through the series and it is FANTASTIC! I have drafted by hand for 25 years and always found illustrator too daunting to master... you have cleared up any doubt, i'm clicking through my patterns and drafting from scratch in the program wih ease now... From minimal knowledge of illustrator to nearly print-ready patterns in 2 weeks. I can't thank you enough for all of this knowledge!!

Your Tutorials Are Top Shelf!

Fantastic block, Ralph! it has been working perfectly for me! Your tutorials are top shelf. How could I draft this cowl neck, but keep the bust darts for gather design?

What a Genius Concept!

I happened to stumble upon your website and I thought wow!!! what a genius concept. Thank you! X

I still Can't Believe!

Hi, I am very happy to discover you, and still can't believe it! Thank you!

Your Videos Helped Me a Lot!

Thank you so much for these tutorials. I've also purchased your templates. I can easily modify them. I can save time now with the illustrationsand focus on the technicalities. i'm doing my courses on fashion design and your videos helped me a lot! Thank You!

This Helped Me Immenselyyy!

Thank you so much!!! i'm starting my second year of fashion design and I needed to improve my fashion templates and this helped me immenselyyyy.

I Learnt So Much

Thank you really very very much to post all these video tutorials. These are really very helpful. I learnt so much from your videos. I can't explain how helpful it was but yes I can just say that you are God for the people who wanna learn illustrator. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for this!

Thank You So Much!

Thank you for this amazing video!! It was very helpful and well explained. Also, what I like about it is that I am learning about how to use Illustrator at the same time! Thank you so much!

OMG! Thank You So Much

OMG! Thank you so much for this video tutorial. I don;t have enouogh words to describe how useful this is to me as a student and future professional. I'm very thankful 🙂

Your Way of Explaining is Really Clear!

Thank you so much. I learned a lot from this! Your way of explaining is really clear! Thanks.

God Bless You!

Thank you so much, this is a great tutorial. God Bless you!

I love your Tutorials!

I love your tutorials!

I Can't Thank You Enough!

Wow... That was brilliant!! Thankyou. I have been meaning to concentrate and investigate more about what you do. Tree

Such an Easy & Well Explained Course!

This was briliant. I 've watched this one. afew times now. You speak at an even level so, it's been easy to follow your instructions when setting up a new workspace. I'm at university having illustrator lessons and they never taught us to do this! I didn't even know the toolbars were so customisable. Setting up my own workspace , this way, makes this program less daunting.

Thank you for such an easy and well explained course!

Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks for sharing! I've now found the bst YouTube channel for learning pattern making in Adobe Illustrator

Thank You for Sharing Your Knowledge

It's such a relief to see that pattern drafting can be legitimately done in Adobe Illustrator, since I already love using that software, and it's so comfrotable to use. 
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Thank You for Your Content!

This is amazing, especially the dart manipulation which I've only ever done manually. Thank you for your content, Subscribed!

Thank You So Much!!!

Exactly what I needed, thank you so much!!!!

Thanks a Ton!

Thank you so much for everything you've shared on this platform!

I have so much gratitude for your dedication and the knowledge you've shared. I've finally grasped what I once thought was too difficult. Thanks a ton!

This is Exactly What I Was Looking For!

Thank you for producing this series and providing it to the community. This is exactly what I was looking for and struggling to figure out on my own for months!

Very Gratefull!

Thank you so much for posting all these episodes and knowledge! I've been searching trying. tofind something more industrial and less of a home sewers guide. I am grateful fr your openness with this information, as I've found that most try to keep their cards close to their chest. Very greatful!
Thank you again!

I'm a Huge Fan!

Hello and thank you for your amazing site, products and content. I'm a huge fan!

Changed My Life!

You trick to measure curves with the document info has just changed my life!

Also, I Like Your Voice

I opened Adobe Illustrator for the first time ever and this tutorial was extremely useful to me! Thank you (Also, I like your voice).

I Love Your Courses!

I don't know... Who the hell are the people that dislike your videos? Once I find them... I will kick them! Your videos are really amazing and helpful for me. I love your courses!

You Surely Mastered It

Love your tutorials!
Your choice of words, the sound of your voice, excellent. One has to understand things to be able to teach. You surely mastered it. A big thanks to you for gving us these free tutorials. 

Thank You So Much

By far the best tutorial on technical flats!! Thank you so much!

Yet Another Super Brilliant Video Tutorial!!!

Thank you for yet another super brilliant video tutorial!!! It's such wonderful and important work you are doing. 

Thank You so Much for Sharing

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for the files! Your tutorials are very helpful and I have improved my illustrations so much with your tutorials.

Wish You All the Best!!!

OMG thank you fo this amazing video, wish you all the best!!!

You Deserve an Award

You deserve an award for all of this

Love From Australia

You have done an amazing job. Thanks a lot. You are better then my teacher. Love from Australia!

You Are a Very Kindhearted Person

You are a very kindhearted person, because of sharing your knowlegde without any expectations

Your Videos are Amazing!

I honestly don't know why you don't have more views as your videos are amazing and I know many people are out there looking for them. Probably a YouTube algorithm problem? Because there aren't that many videos like this. onYouTube.

I Really Learned a Lot with You

Best textile print photoshop tutorial for begginers. I really learned a lot with you. Thanks a lot!

Such an Amazing Resource!!

I am currently in the final year of my textiles degree and this series is such an amazing resource!! Thank you so much!! 🙂

Super Helpful!

Super easy to follow & super helpful! 👏🏻

Super Helpful!

Super easy to follow & super helpful! 👏🏻

Free pattern making course. Computer screen with a digital pattern making program, Adobe Illustrator open, showing a dress basic block pattern, on a desk with modern design tools.

Master Pattern Making in Adobe Illustrator

Master the fundamental techniques of pattern making in Adobe Illustrator, with our free pattern making course. Transform basic blocks into hundreds of different finished patterns using simple pattern cutting techniques. This FREE pattern making course is designed for absolute beginners in both pattern making and Adobe Illustrator.

Want More FREE Pattern Making Courses & Projects?

Expand your skills in pattern making 

Now you’ve learned the basics from our free pattern making course, put your new pattern making skills to the test. Improve your skills, learn how to transform basic blocks into finished patterns and garments. Take a look at our Free pattern making courses and projects on sleeves, necklines dart manipulations and much more.

How to: Draft an Asymmetric Leotard Pattern

Learn how to create an asymmetric, slashed-neck, single-armed, leotard pattern with chevron panelling.

How to: Draft an A-Line Dress Pattern

Learn how to transform a torso basic block into a gorgeous little A-line dress pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

How to: Match Pattern Notches

Learn how to mark & match pattern notches, in Adobe illustrator, using two very different techniques – Quite an important tutorial!

How to: Curve Darts & Smooth Seams

Master the art of curving darts and smoothing the seams of your basic block & finished patterns to create a better fit.

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