Become a PatternLab Pro & adjust your measurements after purchase

Become a PatternLab Pro & adjust your measurements after purchase

Learn how to draft your basic blocks & adjust your measurements after purchase.

Some of you might be new to PatternLab. You’re possibly wondering how to use the Lab to create a profile, enter your measurements, design your blocks, make a purchase and then what happens after you’ve made your purchase? Yeah, good question. Which is why we have created this handy and informative video tutorial to show you exactly that. The tutorial covers a range of different topics that should teach you how to use the Lab like a seasoned Pro. We’ve listed the points that are covered in the tutorial below.

Also, please feel free to leave comments and questions about anything that is confusing. We’re here to help you get the very best from the Lab! 


Creating a Profile & adding your custom measurements

I take you through all the various elements on the profile page to make the whole process far simpler

  • Create, clone, remove and print a profile
  • Using the measurement sheet in combination with the measurement tutorial, to take your measurements
  • Adding measurements to a profile and fixing an error message
  • Selecting and editing existing profiles
  • How to display specific measurements for certain blocks

Using a standard size chart

  • Where to find the standard size charts
  • The difference between Young and Mature women
  • How to select a standard size to draft your blocks

Designing your block

  • How to select a type of basic block and where to find the new dress blocks
  • The difference between waist shaping and no waist shaping
  • The difference between automatic and custom fit, including ease.
  • Using automatic lengths or creating a custom length for your block
  • Designing the front and back of your basic block using darts
  • Understanding the sleeve block, sleeve head ease and how to customise your sleeve.
  • Adding seam allowance to elements of your blockT
  • The difference between an ePattern and a PDF pattern?

Making your purchase

  • Adding an item to your cart
  • Terms and conditions and your rights, when it comes to using our blocks commercially
  • We use PayPal payments

Your Personal Library

  • What happens after purchasing a basic block and completing an order
  • What is the personal library and where are orders and basic blocks stored (registered users)
  • How to edit measurements after purchase
  • Adding notes to an order to keep track of measurement adjustments

Previewing your block and editing your measurements

  • An overview of the preview tool and where to find it
  • Downloading a basic block in a variety of different PDF paper sizes
  • Re-arranging pattern pieces to conserve paper when printing a PDF pattern
  • Downloading an ePattern including where to find our tutorials and how to customise it
  • Editing your measurements for a specific block, order or set of orders
  • Restrictions on the Bust, Waist and Hip measurements after purchase

Using the troubleshooting guides

  • An overview of our troubleshooting guides and how to use them
  • Using the preview tool, in combination with the troubleshooting guides to spot issues with your basic blocks

Questions and Answers

If you have any question about the above topics or video, please feel free to leave a comment below. You can also join us on Reddit to view the community’s questions, comments, and our answers.

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